Professional Recommendations

Michael Dixon

Product Owner at Dealer Socket
October 22, 2012, Michelle was senior to Michael but didn’t manage directly.

Michelle is a Jack Of All Trades. Though she excels in Website development and Search Engine Optimization, she also has great business acumen and is a strong leader. Her communication and documentation skills are on a different level from the average professional.

Matthew Perry

President and Chief Operations Officer at Resource Computer Solutions
October 19, 2012, Matthew managed Michelle directly.

Michelle is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for detail. She has produced some of the best designed and functionally effective websites RCS has created.

Theo Mayer

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Writer/Producer, Educator
January 31, 2011, Theo was a client of Michelle’s.

As CEO of Panoram Technologies, I put forth an initiative exploring the “serious gaming” aspects of virtual worlds. Michelle assisted my team and me directly in creating a media lab island in Second Life where we could alpha test various ideas and concepts.

We did a lot of fascinating experimentation, testing and proof of concept work in that area between 2005 and 2008. Michelle was a key member of that exploration team. She helped to shape and guide much of the work and did a lot of construction and building of ideas and resourced.

I easily and happily commend and recommend her for her fine work in a brave and then quite unexplored new area of virtual worlds.

David Noble

Software Engineer at Google
April 22, 2010, David worked with Michelle in different groups.

Michelle demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic and thrived under challenging conditions. She is a “triple threat” with outstanding organizational, interpersonal, and technical skills. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Ted Specht

Site Reliability Engineer
April 19, 2010, Ted worked with Michelle in different groups.

Michelle brought order to chaos in our office, our previous admin had quit several months before she arrived, so the office was a mess. She also handled our corporate web site development which meant I had time for other more pressing issues. I wish we could get her back.

Tony Keaveny

Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire. Course Leader BSc (Hons) Sports Business Management
April 19, 2010, Michelle worked with Tony in the same group.

It was great working with Michelle, her positive approach and “can do” attitude, with an attention to detail really made her stand out.

Richard H. Geer

Sr. Project Manager in Creative Services at Simpson Strong-Tie
September 2, 2008, Richard H. was senior to Michelle but didn’t manage directly.

Michelle is an amazing person to work with. Creative, responsive, responsible, motivated and caring. Anyone would benefit with her on their team. She has helped me and my endeavor immensely.

Vanessa Taylor

Founder, Author, Charity Fundraiser, Positivity Champion & Inspiration Seeker at The Parfait Party
September 2, 2008, Vanessa managed Michelle directly.

To say one has managed Michele is a misnomer. Michelle has excellent self-management skills.

As project manager of the Star Journey, I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for the past four months. During this time Michelle’s has quickly grasped a variety of concepts and turned them into quality 3D builds.

Michelle’s time management and responsiveness to the rapidly changing 3D environment have been invaluable to the project.

One last thing don’t let the word “Apprentice” fool you. Michelle is an accomplished builder and early adopter of new tools and technology and is an asset to any professional team.

Nikolas Mayer, MBA

Principal – Cloud / DevOps / Security at Slalom Build
September 2, 2008, Nikolas was a client of Michelle’s.

Michelle Wallace was the main reason the Second Life Project I managed had the success it did. I would hire her again when I need her services again.